The Amorgos Retreats 2012 to 2017


We go to Amorgos to practice Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for 6 days in a row .

Amorgos Retreat 2017

Amorgos Retreat 2016

Amorgos Retreat 2015 photos were sabotaged by a burned hard disc..

Amorgos Retreat 2014

Amorgos Retreat 2013

Amorgos Retreat 2012

The practice is in Mysore style except a first warming up and get-to know each other Led class.

People that are not able to stabilize an everyday practice in the city, experience the beauty of the everyday  process in a new environment, they go home fresh and inspired by the fruits of this ‘routine’.

Eleftheria welcomes people of all levels to these retreats as she loves to introduce people to the Ashtanga method in a Mysore style mode .

In this way , practitioners are getting into the ‘juice’ of Ashtanga and are prepared to set their practice when they ‘ll go back home.

Experienced practitioners  have the chance to deepen their practice under Eleftheria’s guidance.

What else do we do in this retreat ? Sincerely, not much.

We spend the first 2 hours of the dawn on our mats.

And then , we do holidays.

Om Studio follows its athenian spirit also on board.

That means we act freely and unpretentiously with no ‘must’ do’s .

Everybody can spend this week as he wishes.

I always give a small speech before the Retreat explaining what we will do and that we don’t have to act as a group.

Somebody can spend the whole day at his room reading while somebody else enjoys the spa and others have gone sightseeing.

We usually end up doing things all together just because we want to.

A usual day in our retreats  is consisted of:

-two hours of early morning mysore style practice

– breakfast with local goodies is served after our practice (with lots of vegetarian/vegan options) and amazing view at Aegialis bay

-a walk and a coffee

-beach time or sightseeing or reading or all of them

-dinner at a local taverna

-fading-out chat or going to bed immediately

In this retreat you will find yourself easily chatting with black-dressed  old-ladies or local taverna’s owners. You will taste local specialities and you will drink also a little bit of raki too, something that you might have not planned.

You will walk in a gorge, you will dive in the clearest deep blue seas, you will stay speechless in front of the sunset.

There is a danger : to fall in love with the island of Amorgos. It’ s common.

At night, Eleftheria who presents herself as an amateur astronomer , will guide you to the night sky pointing at you the major visible constellations proposing you  easy ways to navigate yourself  to the magic of the Universe. From now on, you will be able to explore the Stars with her professional binoculars.

We decide our schedule all together.

This year (that is 2016) we wil stay in beautiful apartments on Levrossos beach. (Aegiali)

We ‘ ll just have to open our door and dive at the literally turquoise waters.

The small village of Aegiali and the Bay are in walking distance and Tholaria village too.

We like to walk in this Retreat because it’s the best way to experience the scenery.

And for two-three days , we rent cars – really cheap- so we can explore the rest of the island.

We visit the non-walking-approachable side of Amorgos .

Families and easy going pets are very welcome.

Below there are photos from the Amorgos Retreats.

Enjoy !

(with a small..delay our 2015 photos will be up here soon..burnt hard disc that is!)